Since September 2014, Santé Kildare has ranked 1st among the 15 GMFs and Super-clinics in CIUSSS du Centre-Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal for Taux d’assiduité or “patient fidelity.”

Our "Walk-in clinic by appointment" is available to GMF patients only.

We offer several options for booking in our "Walk-in clinic by appointment":

  • Sofy On-line:  Our Walk-in doctor schedules are now available on-line.  When you book for your own doctor at:, you can select to expand your search among all professionals (for ex., for walk-in).  Not only will you see your family doctor`s availability, you can choose from the Walk-In doctors for urgent matters.
  • In person: Walk-in between 7:30 - 8:30 am on weekday mornings to book a same day urgent care appointment.  We will be happy to give you an appointment if we have an opening.
  • Call us directly: Our office opens at 7:30 am and closes at 7:30 pm on weekdays. You are welcome to call us directly although we encourage patients to call at "off-hours" to avoid long waits on the phone.
Not sure if you are part of our GMF?  Consult our list of GMF doctors at