Since September 2014, Santé Kildare has ranked 1st among the 15 GMFs and Super-clinics in CIUSSS du Centre-Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal for Taux d’assiduité or “patient fidelity.”

Family Physicians

Sante Kildare is proud to be the home of a dynamic team of 16 family physicians. Each physician brings a unique expertise and personal style of practice. Our physicians work in North Quebec with Cree and Inuit communities, long-term and rehabilitation facilities, residences, foster homes and women crisis centres. Many of our physicians are affiliated with the McGill Family Medicine teaching programs at the Jewish General Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital. Our physicians have backgrounds in Women's Health, Palliative Care, Sport Medicine and Mental Health. 

  • Dr. Aviva Aspler
  • Dr. Linda Boretsky
  • Dr. Odelia Borten
  • Dr. Joanna Caron
  • Dr. Robin Coombs
  • Dr. Jill Cracower
  • Dr. Tamara Fitch
  • Dr. Robbie Iny
  • Dr. Michael Kalin
  • Dr. Katia Khoukaz
  • Dr. Albert Levy
  • Dr. Alexandra Orr
  • Dr. Maureen Rappaport
  • Dr. Alexandra Schwartz



  • Dr. Mireille Anawati, Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Andrea Dolan, Sport Medicine (514-481-0008)
  • Dr. Yalon Dolev, ENT
  • Dr. Michael Goldfarb, Cardiology
  • Dr. Marc Miresco, Psychiatry
  • Dr. Jeff Segal, Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Matthias Ziller, Neurology

Nurse Practitioner

  • Jennifer Reoch IPS-SPL, MSc-A


  • Sylvie Duguay
  • Batya Garellek
  • Reine Bou Nader
  • Marie-Christine Parent


  • Annie Kim St-Onge

Social Work

  • Tyra Moscovitch
  • Nava Weinman

Research Coordinator

  • Jennifer Reoch IPS-SPL, MSc-A