Nurse Practitioner

Our team is enhanced with the addition of Jennifer Reoch and Claire Tissier as Nurse Practitioners.  Nurse practitioners (NPs), like family physicians, emphasize health promotion and illness prevention.  NPs complement the care delivered by other health providers and are trained to provide a wide range of health services directly to patients such as annual physicals, treatment for short-term acute illnesses (ie. infections), monitor patients with stable chronic conditions (ie. diabetes), order testing and organize referrals.

Nutrition - Heathy Eating and Weight loss

Our dietician, Myriam Gehami, can help you reach your nutritional goals. Myriam has a vast and diverse background; she can help with numerous conditions including Diabetes, high blood pressure, eating disorders, malnutrition, irritable bowel syndrome, Celiac disease and kidney diease, among others. You can consult Myriam while pregnant or breastfeeding. She can also assist with children and picky eaters. Myriam's services are covered completely by RAMQ.

Medication Review

Schedule a meeting with the GMF pharmacist, Annie St-Onge, to review your medications. Annie can discuss indications, administration, dosing, effectiveness, interactions and possible side effects.  She can help you whether you are starting a new medication or trying to wean off another.

Prenatal Visits

Having trouble finding an OB provider during the COVID-19 pandemic?
Santé Kildare is offering prenatal care via telemedicine and in-person visits, as outlined by the Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Quebec.
We are pleased to announce that Dr. Jill Cracower and Dr. Katia Khoukaz, both family physicians with special interest in Maternal-Child Health, are taking on new pregnant patients. Comprehensive care with a human touch! Delivery occurs at the Jewish General Hospital. Newborn care also available. Please call our office at 514-397-0777.

Social Work and Counselling

Our social workers can assist with psychosocial assessments, counselling for children, adults, couples and families, and support for caregivers. They are familiar with various government assessment tools and procedures and knowledgeable of community resources.  Tyra Moscovitch is an experienced social worker from CIUSSS Centre Ouest, CLSC Benny Farm and CLSC Rene Cassin having worked as a case manager and in the Program of Integrated Front Line Services.  
We are excited to welcome Maxine Silverman to our team who has experience working at Ometz and the Cummings Centre for Seniors.

Virtual Visits

In response to the COVID 19 global pandemic, Santé Kildare has converted almost exclusively into a virtual office to keep our patients safe.
Santé Kildare is proud to partner with Info Data Logiciels to offer innovative and state-of-the-art virtual care with your doctor and medical team from your phone, tablet or computer.
We recognize that virtual care helps improve access through more efficient, yet still safe and effective, online medical care. After the COVID 19 state of emergency, Santé Kildare is committed to continue to offer telemedicine.

Patient Portal

Sofy is a secure platform through which you can receive messages from your health care professional, book appointments with your family doctor or nurse practitioner, and view your list of past and future appointments.

You will be able to receive messages and documents, including results and requisitions.

Your data is protected and stored securely.

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