Flu vaccines available from Oct 25th to Nov 9th free of charge/ Le vaccin contre la grippe sera disponible du 25 oct au 9 nov sans frais.

We recognize that, at times, it can be frustrating to reach us.  As our clinic grows, we care for over 20 000 patients, book 30 000+ appointments each year, and receive over 8 000 phone calls per month.

If you are waiting on hold for an extended period of time, consider some of these alternatives:


  • Come in person: If you live nearby, avoid phone congestion and walk-in to talk to us.  Our office is open on weekdays from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm, and 7:30 am - 11:30 am on Sunday.
  • Use the automated phone system: Call Bonjour Santé at 514-316-8270 to reserve a slot is our "walk-in clinic by appointment".
  • Book on-line: Visit http://www.santekildare.ca/book-online/ to book an appointment with your doctor or in the "walk-in clinic by appointment."
  • Book a call-back:  Visit: http://kildare.selfbook.ca/appointments/bookAppointment.jsp to schedule a call-back from one of our nurses to review results
  • Fax us: Write a message and fax us at 514 507-5717.  This is the method most preferred by pharmacies for medication renewals but you are welcome to use it as well.
  • Leave a voice message: When calling our direct line, there is an option to leave a voice message to cancel an appointment.  We will call you back to reschedule.
  • e-mail: Send a message to info@santekildare.ca.  We will call you back to book an appointment.  Please do not e-mail any sensitive medical information.
  • Create your own Patient Health Record (PHR): Create a Kindred account and securely receive results and messages from our staff.