Prière de noter que nos services sont réservés uniquement à notre clientèle enregistrée; nous ne sommes PAS une clinique publique sans rendez-vous. SVP consulter notre page Facebook pour les heures d'ouverture/ Please note that our services are for registered clientele ONLY. We are NOT a public walk-in clinic. Please follow our Facebook page for extended hours and additional services.

We recognize that, at times, it can be frustrating to reach us.  As our clinic grows, we care for over 20 000 patients, book 30 000+ appointments each year, and receive over 8 000 phone calls per month.

If you are waiting on hold for an extended period of time, consider some of these alternatives:


  • Come in person: If you live nearby, avoid phone congestion and walk-in to talk to us.  Our office is open on weekdays from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm, and 7:30 am - 11:30 am on Sunday.
  • Use the automated phone system: Call Bonjour Santé at 514-316-8270 to reserve a slot is our "walk-in clinic by appointment".
  • Book on-line: Visit to book an appointment with your doctor or in the "walk-in clinic by appointment."
  • Book a call-back:  Visit: to schedule a call-back from one of our nurses to review results
  • Fax us: Write a message and fax us at 514 507-5717.  This is the method most preferred by pharmacies for medication renewals but you are welcome to use it as well.
  • Leave a voice message: When calling our direct line, there is an option to leave a voice message to cancel an appointment.  We will call you back to reschedule.
  • e-mail: Send a message to  We will call you back to book an appointment.  Please do not e-mail any sensitive medical information.
  • Create your own Patient Health Record (PHR): Create a Kindred account and securely receive results and messages from our staff.