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We call all patients with abnormal results. These calls are made in order of urgency and a plan for treatment and follow-up is discussed on the phone.

We strive to call back all results for cancer and STI screening - even if normal.

Test results can be obtained in several ways:

  • Register with the Carnet Sante Quebec: Your results are available on-line at: https://carnetsante.gouv.qc.ca/portail pic
  • Book an appointment: All patents are encouraged to book follow-up appointments with the physician to discuss radiology results (ie. CT, MRI, ultrasound). Book online here
  • Message us.
  • TelemedicineSchedule a virtual visit with a doctor to discuss your results. (Video and phone calls are not covered by RAMQ but may be reimbursed through private health plans)
All patients are urged to schedule an appointment if the medical condition persists or worsens.