Flu vaccines available from Oct 25th to Nov 9th free of charge/ Le vaccin contre la grippe sera disponible du 25 oct au 9 nov sans frais.
Test results can be obtained in several ways:

  • Book an appointment: All patents are encouraged to book follow-up appointments with the physician to discuss radiology results (ie. CT, MRI, ultrasound).
  • Automatic call back: We call all patients with abnormal results. These calls are made in order of urgency and a plan for treatment and follow-up is discussed on the phone.
  • Schedule a call back: If your test results are normal, you may not necessarily receive a call.  You can, however, schedule a call-back time to discuss your results with the nurse.  Visit: http://kildare.selfbook.ca/appointments/bookAppointment.jsp
  • We do strive to call back all results for cancer and STI screening - even if normal.
  • On-line:  We encourage patients to book an appointment with their doctor if there are any questions about results.  Visit http://www.santekildare.ca/book-online/.
  • Create your own Patient Health Record (PHR): Patients can create a Kindred account and securely receive results and messages from our staff.
  • Visit: https://kindredphr.com/v2/launch.jsp.
All patients are urged to schedule an appointment if the medical condition persists or worsens.