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What a coincidence!

So I am 1 week into my WHO sugar challenge when I came across this article in Maclean’s magazine!

What a coincidence!

It is an interesting article about the health risks of having too much added sugar in our diet. 

Author Kate Lunau writes:

“Of course, as a source of calories, eating lots of sugar leads to extra pounds. But it’s more complicated than that. While sugar isn’t the direct cause of diabetes, for example, it seems to spark a cascade of effects that wreak havoc in the body.”

As for me, I have been doing fairly well.  I’m lucky that I’m not a soda drinker to begin with.  But I sure find it hard in the evenings when I want a little treat after dinner.  I find having a nice decaf coffee after dinner helps curb my cravings (no sugar of course!)