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I have to admit, never pictured myself as a blogger.

This blog is inspired by my friend, classmate and colleague, Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, who has been writing blogs (weightymatters) for almost 10 years. Yoni has demonstrated that a single, passionate voice can inspire change – both on an individual and societal level.

To borrow from Yoni`s introduction in 2005, my name is Michael Kalin and I’m a medical doctor who specializes in family medicine and I’m located in Cote Saint Luc, Quebec, Canada. I run a multi-disciplinary family practice, known as a GMF or Groupe de Medecine de Famille, that strives to provide the highest level of medical care through health promotion, disease prevention, and in the words of the great Dr. William Osler, undertanding the person behind the illness.

In this blog I will share my thoughts on items relevant to family practice – and invite members of my multidiscplinary team to participate in this discussion with insights of their own. I hope you join us.