At Santé Kildare, we are committed to providing our registered patients with timely appointments with ACCESS ADAPTE booking. That means that most appointments open 36-72 hours in advance so urgent matters can be seen quickly.

Booking an appointment has never been simpler:

Select from the following options:

1. Click on your physician or nurse practitioner in the list below
2. Message us on our secure platform
3. Call us at: 514 397-0777

Please arrive early for your appointment.  Patients who arrive late may not be seen and may be asked to reschedule.

There is a $30 charge for all missed appointments or cancellations made less than 24 hours before the appointment including urgent care clinic.  Patients will not be rebooked until all fees are paid.

Dr. Mireille Anawati
Dr. Aviva Aspler
Dr. Linda Boretsky
Dr. Odelia Borten
Dr. Joanna Caron
Dr. Robin Coombs
Dr. Jill Cracower
Dr. Andrea Dolan
Dr. Tamara Fitch
Dr. Michael Goldfarb
Dr. Robbie Iny
Dr. Albert Levy
Dr. Michael Kalin
Dr. Katia Khoukaz
Dr. Laurence Dupont-Hebert
Dr. Alex Orr
Dr. Maureen Rappaport
Jennifer Reoch
Dr. Alexandra Schwartz
Claire Tissier
Dr. David Weigens
Dr. Matthias Ziller
Dr. Phil Zwecker